Beautiful Blogger Award (aka Holy Shit).

Wow, I was so honored when I was nominated for this award  by IamKay here:


The protocol is that I now nominate 15 bloggers, let them know, then post 7 interesting things about myself. So here we go, some of my favorite and most intriguing bloggers:

  1. Out Where the Buses Don’t Run:
  2. her name was cassandra: 
  3. thebaggagehandlerdotme:
  4. The Brown Road Chronicles:
  5. I’m 25 and My Boobs Are Trying to Kill Me:
  6. August McLaughlin:
  7. Satis:
  8. Waiting on a Word:
  9. Jeff Vrabel:
  10. Mike Sirota:
  11. Lifein64SquareFeet:
  12. Nikprose:
  13. Childhood Relived: 
  14. You Know You’re 40 When…
  15. Honorary nomination to IamKay who nominated me (blog link up at the top) even though she’s already gotten it…






7 “Interesting” Things About Me:


  1. I have two tattoos, got both in Chicago at different times with different siblings. My sister didn’t get one when I got my first but my brother got an identical one in a different place when I got my second.
  2. My right foot is a half-size bigger than my left.
  3. I can wiggle my ears.
  4. My hair has been every color except blonde.
  5. I don’t really like peanut butter. Please don’t yell at me…
  6. I went back to Brazil and hang-glided over my old apartment building on the beach a few years ago. Awesome experience.
  7. I am an antique typewriter collector. I browse eBay for new ones all the time. Here’s the one I just got last week:

1912 Monarch Typewriter




About factorymaid

I am a 20-something living in Rural, USA. As an engineer for a worldwide famous consumer products company, I manage million-dollar projects in a manufacturing environment. I like to write about what it's like to be a woman in a factory of men. But there's a lot more to me than my career. I have a very storied past. Check out my "About Me" section and my blog posts to find out more! Enjoy! :)

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  1. I don’t know how I feel about you now after reading the not-like-peanut butter thing, but I am grateful for the nomination! Congrats to you as well.

  2. You sweetheart!! Thank you!!

  3. Wow!! Thanks for the nomination! I am honored! (Where do you keep all those typewriters???)

  4. Wow, thanks for the nomination! Especially as I am, as those outside the Internet know, really quite homely. Very much appreciate your reading. I would send you an old typewriter as a thank-you but God shipping on those things is a NIGHTMARE

  5. I used to hate peanut butter. Now a day doesn’t go by where I don’t eat peanut butter. I’m checking into rehab for my PB addiction.

    Love your typewriter. I have a 1940′s Royal with a carrying case. Paid $40 at a thrift store. I felt like I was ripping them off.

    Thanks for the nomination!

  6. Thanks for thinking of me. That’s very kind. Your’s is a good story, I have a niece, likely about your age, who went through a similar experience and is now healthy and happy as well. I wish you the best!

  7. Thanks so much for passing the award my way, and huge congrats on receiving it! You should really consider a ear wiggling vlog post. I’m so impressed. :)

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